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Bob Reed教授的讲座通知


讲座主题:On the Reproducibility Crisis in Science and Ways to Fix It

主讲人:Bob Reed教授(新西兰坎特伯雷大学)





The last two decades have seen increasing doubt about the credibility of empirical research in science. This has come to be known as the Reproducibility Crisis, with the name derived from the fact that many reported empirical findings cannot be reproduced. This presentation uses the framework of Ioannidis (2005) to explain why many researchers believe there is a reproducibility crisis in science. It then goes on to use that framework to evaluate various proposals to fix the problem. Of particular interest is the post-study probability, the probability that a reported research finding represents a true relationship. This probability is inherently unknowable. However, a number of insightful results emerge if we are willing to make some conjectures about reasonable parameter values.

Reference: Ioannidis, J.P. (2005). Why most published research findings are false. PloS Medicine, 2(8): 1418-1422.

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